I am happy to announce that ERCGaming will be launching a series of servers and tournaments. The first server will be a public competitive server that will be used for a base for our community and warming up. 

VEGA Tournaments are currently in creation and will start a pre-season to refine the start of a larger and better tournament experience.

Come on did you really think we would limit ourselves to a single game? We are also releasing a Rainbow Six: Siege eSports team. The Miss Hits team for Rainbow Six: Siege will also be a North American team and will be limited to the USA and Canadian players. All members must be ready to show up on time, practice, scrim, and work to improve every aspect possible as a team and as a player.

As we do with the CS:GO team, we will be taking our time when entering the eSports scene as a team. We will work toward improving as a team and getting comfortable before we jump into things. All team members must follow the team rules and practice with the team on the schedule, be able to take constructive criticism and follow our zero rage policy.

We will announce more details on the team as we get things going.

- HanAeri

We are proud to announce that our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive eSports team is currently formed and the roster is in progress. Miss Hits will be working fairly passive at first and will be working on overall skill level as a team as well as individual skill levels. Miss Hits roster will contain players with a passion for the game, dedication to the team and players willing to do their best to improve.

Team Miss Hits is a North American team and is accepting players from USA and Canada only at this time. Players must be ready to put in time and effort to improving and have control of their emotions when in the game as well as respecting each and every player of the team. This also includes respecting other teams to maintain a good overall image in the eSports community.

We will announce more details of the team including the team lineup as soon as we are ready to do so, the team pages are in works so please give us some time to improve on that.

- HanAeri

We are happy to announce that Elites Reborn has returned and have come together to aim for both casual and eSports level of gameplay. We will start off by focusing on our Rainbow Six: Siege teams that will be split into divisions. These divisions will be split by the amount of time players have, rank in ranked pubs, in game stats and teamwork. We are recruiting nearly an unlimited amount of members but only the best of the clan will be added to main eSports teams. We are also openly looking for a pre-made team from EU to play under Elites Reborn EU. Contact me on twitter if you are interested @ercgaming and we can discuss it. 

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